Diablo II 'Magic Find' Guide (English Version)

Diablo II Magic Find Guide (English Version)

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All information in this guide is based on version 1.10 of Diablo II 'Lord Of Destruction' ('LoD' for short) at patch release time (October 28, 2003). This guide has been written primarily for the Battle.net Softcore Ladder-Mode (with focus on the game difficulty 'Hell'), and the described methods are not necessarily a recommendation for 'Hardcore' mode players. Opinions expressed in this guide are solely that of the author, who is neither employed by nor represents Blizzard Entertainment.


About this Guide
'Magic Find' since Patch 1.10
About 'Treasure Classes', 'Area Levels', 'Monster Levels' and Other Things
The Right 'Magic Find' Equipment and Tips
Which Character for 'Magic Find' and Tips
Thanks and Additional Info

About this Guide

'Magic Find' ('MF' for short) describes the dedicated search for items in the game with special magical properties through the use of special 'Magic Finding' equipment. This doesn't include valuable runes because they follow different game rules. Since the power of all playable character classes in Diablo II 'LoD' depends, more or less, on magical items, finding them plays an important role. While the game can be played without very good or even the best items, every advantage that can be achieved through equipment can make progess a lot easier.

This little 'Magic Find' guide gives both the 'Diablo II' beginner and the game veteran an easy, understandable introduction to the theme, with special regard to the changes that the game patch version 1.10 has brought. I'll deliberately forgo too detailed information about game internals, formulas and tables to keep a good overview, and to explain only those things that are important for a long-termed success in searching for and finding the magical items. If you're interested in more details (like the percent chances on a special item from a special monster, or about the 'treasure classes' mentioned in the following) you can find this information on the websites listed at the end of this guide. And now have fun reading!

This is the English translation of my originally German 'Magic Find' guide. Thanks to 'Obi2Kenobi' for helping to put this into the final, correct native English form. The screenshots are from the German version of Diablo II 'LoD' 1.10, but come with an accompanying explanation in English.

A golden chest in the Frigid Highlands

A golden, sparkly chest in the middle of the 'Frigid Highlands', which can contain valuable treasure

'Magic Find' since Patch 1.10

Once upon a time … in a land before the Diablo II patch 1.10, there were hosts of 'Magic Find' oriented Sorceresses with 'Magic Find' equipment invading the third level of the 'Durance of Hate' to kill its inhabitants in search of more and more godly items. Thousands of times daily the resident Act boss Mephisto was slain, because his high chances on very good unique items promised success within the shortest time. Another very popular fellow sufferer at that time was the unique boss monster called Pindleskin at the entrance to Nihlathak's Temple in Act 5. To his distress, he was even easier to reach and kill than Mephisto, and he was one of the few monsters that could drop one of the most sought after unique game item upon his death – the Windforce Hydra Bow. Other monsters and areas promised success too, but not nearly as fast as these two monsters. In view of such extreme imbalances regarding 'Magic Find', fundamental changes were urgently needed, and the long awaited Diablo II patch 1.10 released in late 2003 had finally brought them, after over two years of waiting (the first version of the previous patch 1.09 is dated August 2001).

What has changed?

Well, Act bosses, like Mephisto, still promise the fastest success on good items, and the unique boss monster 'Pindleskin' still drops the very powerful 'Windforce' bow (and that even more often now), but the very best game items of the so-called 'Elite Class' can now be found from Act 1 throughout Act 5 in the game difficulty 'Hell', and to some extent even earlier in Act 5 of the difficulty 'Nightmare'. Prior to patch 1.10, it was almost impossible to find usable 'Elite' items before Act 5 in 'Hell' difficulty, leaving aside some exceptions like the Act bosses Mephisto (Act 3) and Diablo (Act 4). 'Magic Find' is really fun now because patch 1.10 promises, due to the much better balanced chances and a lot new and revised items, success not just for game nerds. The main changes will be explained in the following with special regard to the game difficulty 'Hell'.

The entrance to the Mausoleum on Blood Ravens Burial Grounds

Top items can already be found at the beginning of Act 1 Hell now

An unusual picture for Diablo veterans: The best Elite items can already be found at the beginning of Act 1 since patch 1.10 (the 'Aldur's Deception' Shadow Plate from the druid set in this case)

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