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    Stapleton Shoe Company 68 Trinity Place (at Rector St.). (212) 9646329. The place for deep discounts on designer men's shoes bearing such topquality labels as Bally, Johnston Murphy, and Timberland. Subway: N, R to Rector St.

    That sequester will start on friday. The battle over what it means has already begun. We'll debate that on our powerhouse roundtable. But first, some facts. Pentagon will take the biggest hit from the cuts.

    They're known for guarding shoes against creasing and turning shapeless, even warding off offensive odors. They can really do wonders for a pair's shelf life, so don't be afraid to invest in these. You'll Golden Goose never have to worry about them falling apart if you take good care of them with regular cleaning, brushing, and waxing, while addressing concerns that will be minor in nature because of their obvious quality.

    "We didn't think the offer was legitimate at first," said museum spokesman Rob Feeney. "They wanted to remain anonymous. They only wanted to share that they are a huge Wizard of Oz fan, based in Arizona."

    Some luxury brands are getting involved, too. On the Burberry Bespoke website, it's hard not to be seduced by the elegant tune playing under closeups of handsewn fabric and oldworld charm. Burberry allows customers to create their own trench coats, but they start at more than $2,000 and no returns are allowed.

    Sometimes it is unavoidable to step into wet dirt, mud hole or just run across a muddy piece of road which is just being repaired and does not have any hard surface yet.

    A worker drives a feed wagon down the rows multiple times a day, depositing a scientifically formulated meal that looks like raw hamburger atop each cage, portioned out by computer. A frostfree line provides 24houraday drinking water, and a trough underneath the cages automatically sweeps away wastes to be processed into fertilizer or, via a biodigester, into electricity.

    Being straight out of college themselves, with no massive marketing budget to attract new customers, the pair conceived an alternative marketing plan. Stuart Melling explained, stuck up posters around at various universities in the greater Manchester area.

    "Catalogue houses and department stores that have catalogues do it differently. Here, they don't buy stock. They buy, most often, enough to cover emergencies. They expect the vendor to have enough on hand to take care of the mail orders as they come into the mail order office. Besides which, they will expect the vendor to pay for their share of the cost of producing the catalogue.