Still terminated games, and not a word from Blizz.

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Tyvalir - #282 - 14.07.2015 12:09
Just a quick update on this, folks.

We're bringing the PTR down shortly to apply some updates, which we're hoping will fix the issues players have reported with games being terminated. We hope to have it back up again soon, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime!
Tyvalir - #408 - 14.07.2015 15:06
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Grimiku - #504 - 14.07.2015 18:56
Hey, everyone

I have another update to share with you. We're planning on bringing down the PTR at 7pm PST tonight, and we're doing our best to minimize any downtime this creates. Currently we don't have an ETA to share for when we expect the PTR to be back up, but we'll be sure to update this thread as soon as we're able to.
Nevalistis - #921 - 15.07.2015 09:57
Thanks for the additional reports, folks. This has been a burly issue that?s extended into hardware, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We know you?re eager to get your testing on!

If you haven?t already, please restart your game client before entering the game, and keep letting us know if these issues persist. We?re continuing to investigate and appreciate your ongoing reports and understanding as we work to resolve this issue.

I'll be creating a sticky so those of you who want to can track the issue there without having to dig through additional posts. Please feel free to continue providing your reports here, though.
Nevalistis - #1189 - 15.07.2015 17:14
The issue should now be resolved, which I've updated the thread accordingly with; however, we are keeping a close look on it just to be super-sure.

We appreciate your patience, everyone. <3 Hasta la vista!