Patch 2.3.0 Focused Feedback: Rift Monsters

Nevalistis - #76 - 10.07.2015 11:35
Loads of great feedback in here, I'm reading through all of it. Keep it up! :)

On to topic of Reflects Damage, we've got some changes coming in the next PTR patch for it. We?re still finalizing the changes, but there are two you?ll want to watch for. First, we?ve changed the type of damage reflected to match the same type of damage dealt. This introduces a level of gearing strategy, especially for builds that utilize a single element. In addition, we?ve added an internal cooldown to the affix to prevent it from triggering multiple times from certain skills (like the Witch Doctor?s Poison Dart). This should severely reduce (if not remove entirely) that "instagib" effect from too many abilities going off at the same time, especially those that you can?t necessarily control.

The intention behind the original change was to introduce a level of avoidance to the affix; with only one target having it up, you can pick and choose which targets to hit, similar to how Shielding currently works. The largest problem seems to be arising from DoTs or other ongoing area effects that render that intention moot. That?s what we?re working to address.