Cube or Build-related performance issues?

Tsarnis - #1 - 09.07.2015 10:21
Greetings Heroes,

With the introduction of Kanai's Cube and all of the new Legendary power combinations that are now possible, we are interested in feedback about any previously unattainable legendary power combination that is causing a decrease in framerate or client performance.

If you are experiencing any issues that you did not experience prior to 2.3 and believe it is related to your character build and/or a combination of Legendary powers you are using, please post here and describe what you are experiencing, and give a detailed overview of the following:

Passive Skills Active Skills RunesLegendary GemsKanai's Cube Powers Paragon Point DistributionItems/Sets Equipped
We hope you are all enjoying the PTR, and we appreciate any and all feedback and bug reports that you can provide!