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[Barb] CotA:TaO is no longer viable. John Yang 20.07.2015
Attention: Upcoming PTR Wipe Nevalistis 17.07.2015 Nevalistis
MicroWaveCat's "Haunting Spirits" Witch Doctor Nevalistis 16.07.2015 Blog - US Nevalistis
BlizzCon® 2015 Online and Talent Contest Sign-Ups Close Soon! Blizzard Entertainment 15.07.2015 Blog - US Blizzard Entertainment
Still terminated games, and not a word from Blizz. Nevalistis 15.07.2015
[Resolved] PTR Game Termination Issue - 7/15 Nevalistis 15.07.2015 Nevalistis
*4* Ways To Support Solo Players. Tyvalir 15.07.2015 General Discussion - US
Community Buff Now Active Nevalistis 13.07.2015 Nevalistis
Patch 2.3.0 Focused Feedback: Rift Monsters Nevalistis 10.07.2015
Crafted items have no level requirement Nevalistis 10.07.2015
Vash?s ?Chain Lightning? Demon Hunter Nevalistis 09.07.2015 Blog - US Nevalistis
7/9/15 - PTR Season 4 Now Live Nevalistis 09.07.2015 Nevalistis
Community Buff for Mac players Nevalistis 09.07.2015
Cube or Build-related performance issues? Tsarnis 09.07.2015 Tsarnis
Patch 2.3.0 Focused Feedback: New & Revised Sets John Yang 08.07.2015
Feedback on Bracers of the First Men John Yang 08.07.2015
2.3.1 Patch??! Nevalistis 07.07.2015
CAPCHA? What? Tyvalir 07.07.2015 General Discussion - US
Corvid's "Bubble Trouble" Wizard Nevalistis 02.07.2015 Blog - US Nevalistis
PTR - Diablo server Busy Tyvalir 01.07.2015
Patch 2.3.0 PTR Patch Notes Turrit 30.06.2015 Blog - US Turrit
Patch 2.3.0 PTR Now Available Grimiku 30.06.2015 Blog - US Blizzard Entertainment
Seasonal Items Not Yet Available Nevalistis 30.06.2015 Nevalistis
Repair costs, missing gem recipes Tyvalir 30.06.2015
PTR 2.3 Scan and Repair issue Nevalistis 30.06.2015
time to switch over to the ptr forums? =D Tyvalir 30.06.2015
Which Are The Best In-Game Communities? Tyvalir 26.06.2015 General Discussion - US Tyvalir
About PTR for 2.3 Nevalistis 26.06.2015 General Discussion - US
Drothvader's "Wrath of the Thundergod" Crusader Nevalistis 25.06.2015 Blog - US Nevalistis
The Burning Hells: Now in Popsicle Form Tyvalir 25.06.2015 Blog - US Tyvalir
Fresh Meat N' Greet - Atanatar#1983 Grimiku 25.06.2015 Zauberer - US Grimiku
woot woot datamined 2.3 patch note up Nevalistis 25.06.2015 General Discussion - US
Fresh Meet N' Greet - Nesa#1136 Grimiku 25.06.2015 Grimiku
Fresh Meat N' Greet - Laurelynd#1459 Grimiku 25.06.2015 Mönch - US Grimiku
Fresh Meat N' Greet - Junger#1623 Grimiku 25.06.2015 Grimiku
Fresh Meat N' Greet - Rath#1342 Grimiku 25.06.2015 Grimiku
Fresh Meat N' Greet - Shadow#11506 Grimiku 25.06.2015 Grimiku
so, the cube... Nevalistis 24.06.2015 General Discussion - US
So still no changes to the Hellfire event?!? Travis Day 24.06.2015 General Discussion - US
Patch 2.3.0 PTR Preview Tyvalir 23.06.2015 Blog - US Tyvalir