Diablo 3 Musikparodie: "Hey There Kadala"

von Norbert Raetz, Montag, 29.09.2014, 18:33 Uhr

Kennt ihr noch Jay Wilson, den ersten Game Director für Diablo 3, der kurz nach dem Release der Ur-Version mit Auktionshaus zum Projekt "Titan" wechselte und über dessen nächste Aufgabe noch niemand etwas weiß? "Good ol'" Jay meldete sich jetzt via Twitter zu Wort und teilte die folgende herrliche Musikparodie "Hey There Kadala", die der kontroversen Glücksspielhändlerin gewidmet ist:

Ich persönlich kann mich über mein bisheriges Würfelglück nicht beschweren, aber es soll auch wohl Spieler geben, die trotz der neuen Preise/Dropchancen weit weniger gut wegkommen. Wie sind eure bisherigen Erfahrungen mit Kadala?

Original Song:

"Hey there Delilah" by Plain White T's


Hey there Kadala I hear you’re the whore of Tristram
We give you all of the shards we earn
And you give us some yellows
and some blues
instead of legendary loot
i swear it’s true

Hey there Kadala, I’ve been traveling for miles
killing demon lords and Goat men
saving shards so I can buy a pair of gloves
but you don’t show me any love
with yellow gloves / I’ve had enough

ohh kadala can’t you see
legendaries what i need
ohh kadala won’t you please
drop a zunimassa piece
pretty pretty please

Hey there Kadala, I heard Lyndon telling stories
of how you sell off your goodies
but the quality is really very bad
what you get you never can give back
please take it back

Hey there Kadala, i’ve got nothing left to give you
all the shards i’ve payed could pave a road
from westmarch back to tristram. yes it does
My stash is full of arcane dust
i’m giving up.

ohh kadala can’t you see
legendaries what i need
ohh kadala could you please
Give me some Immortal King’s

10000 shards is pretty steep for you to take away my dreams of finishing my build some time today. My Friends all have completed sets, The neighbors think i have tourettes because the Words I’m screaming while I Play. Kadala I can Promise you, if you give me another blue, I’m pretty sure that i will go insane, and you’re to blame

Hey there Kadala, now you’re really gonna miss me, I am done giving my shards to you and you giving me cruddy gear to use. If Diablo wins it’s cause of you. with all your of your yellows and your blues. Hey there Kadala, now we lose, because of you…

ohh kadala can’t you see
legendaries what i need
ohh kadala could you please
drop a legendary piece
pretty pretty please
oohh oooh ooh

Quelle: YouTube

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