Diablo 3 RoS Beta: Geplante Änderungen am Höllenfeuerring II

von Norbert Raetz, Donnerstag, 30.01.2014, 14:01 Uhr

Mit dem nächsten Beta Patch für Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls wird der neue Höllenfeuerring II einige Überarbeitungen bekommen, die wir nachfolgend für euch zusammengefasst haben.

D3 RoS: Höllenfeuerring II mit Geschossdämpfungseffekt

Die Geschossdämpfung von Elite-Monstern führt zu teils tollen Effekten
beim Höllenfeuerring II

Ganz allgemein ist der neue legendäre, auch für Twinks geeignete Ring Teil des Endgame-Content von RoS. Ihn zu erhalten soll eine Herausforderung darstellen, die eine gewisse Zeit in Anspruch nimmt. Ausserdem soll er auf höheren Schwierigkeitsgraden lohnenswerter sein, weswegen es nach der ersten Level 60-Version in Classic Diablo 3 nun einen zweiten, deutlich verbesserten Ring für die erste Erweiterung gibt.

Diese Änderungen sind für den Höllenfeuerring II geplant:

  • Um den Höllenfeuerring II über die betreffenden Boss-Events zu bekommen, ist künftig mindestens der Schwierigkeitsgrad Torment 1 erforderlich.
  • Der Höllenfeuerring II erhält einige mechanische und visuelle Überarbeitungen. Der Proc wird ein bodenbasierter Schaden-über-Zeit-Effekt, und die neuen visuellen Effekte sollen bis zum Patch eine Überraschung bleiben.
  • Während des Events mit Diablo müssen künftig alle Bosse besiegt werden, die Diablo während des Kampfes beschwört/beschwören kann. Das sollte die Herausforderung deutlich erhöhen.

Nachfolgend der originale Bluepost:

There's a lot to cover on this topic, so bear with me. Incoming Wall o' Text!

First off, I want to stress that the intent behind the Hellfire Ring system is to exist as end-game content. It's not necessarily meant for everyone – not everyone enjoys that style of play. It offers a cool reward for those who are dedicated to completing the journey, and gives you an easily identifiable goal.

It's also not meant to be something you complete in the first week of launch. It should be challenging, and take time to conquer. It should also get more rewarding at higher difficulties, and I'll cover that a bit below. All said, there was definitely room for improvement and we've learned a lot from the first iteration of the Infernal Machine event.

Let's use bullet points, because they're pretty and organized:

  • The new Hellfire Ring will not have a level requirement on it. The current level requirement is actually a bug and not intended.
  • The new Hellfire Ring is guaranteed to offer both the Legendary proc (which scales with weapon damage) and bonus experience.
  • Like all crafted items, it will also roll with Smart Loot rules when created, so you can be sure your Barbarian won't craft something that was more useful for a Demon Hunter. (Just be sure to craft on the character you want to use it on!)
  • Infernal Machines are now crafted for specific portals, so you can focus your efforts on the encounters that drop the crafting materials you need most.
  • Remember that the 100% drop rate for Keys and Crafting Materials is purely for testing purposes at this time. As of next patch, the Infernal Machine event will only be accessible in Torment I and above. Higher levels of Torment will increase the drop rates of both the Keys and the Crafting Materials.

We've also been paying close attention to the Focused Feedback thread, and have several additional changes coming as a result of your extensive testing. This includes:
  • Because Torment I is now required to run the event, the fights are now significantly more challenging.
  • The Hellfire Ring proc will be undergoing a bit of a mechanical and visual rework. It will be a ground-based damage over time ability. I think I'll leave the new visuals a surprise for now. 😉
  • In the Diablo fight, all bosses summoned by Diablo must now also be defeated to successfully complete the fight. This should significantly increase the challenge.

We have a couple of bugs being worked on as well, including adjusting the damage on Maghda's Arcane Sentries and requiring Level 70 Infernal Machines to open the new event. — Quelle

Highlights auf diablo3.gamona.de:



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