Diablo 3 RoS: Itemisierungs-Änderungen im nächsten Patch

von Norbert Raetz, Mittwoch, 08.01.2014, 05:35 Uhr

Diablo 3 RoS: Itemisierungs-Änderungen im nächsten Patch

Bounty Bag Drop – Die Konsolendarstellung für Loot gibt's
jetzt optional auch für den PC

Für den bevorstehenden nächsten Beta-Patch für die Erweiterung Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls bzw. den PTR 2.0.x kündigte CM Nevalistis heute Morgen eine ganze Reihe Änderungen an der aktuellen Itemisierung an, die den Fortschritt wesentlich verbessern sollten.

Für die augenblicklich suboptimalen Ergebisse beim Itemfarmen sind laut Nevalistis u.a. Bugs verantwortlich, wie etwa der dass zuviele legendäre bzw. Set-Baupläne droppen. Die Änderungen, auf die wir uns einstellen können, lest ihr auf der nächsten Seite!

  • Die Doprate legendärer/Set-Pläne wird gefixed.
  • Es gibt eine Vielzahl Nachjustierungen, die die aktuellen Drop-Ergebnisse verbessern.
  • Es gibt keine Grossen Horadrimbeutel als Belohnung für das Komplettieren von Rifts mehr. Stattdessen wandert die Beute direkt auf den Rift-Wächter (Endboss). Loot-splosion inc!
  • Lorath Nahr, bei dem es vormals Horadrimbeutel für 100 Blood Shards zu kaufen gab, wird nicht mehr als Händler zur Verfügung stehen.
  • Wenn man Items für Blood Shards bei der Händlerin Kadala kauft bzw. gambelt, wird eine (kleine) Chance bestehen, dass diese legendäre bzw. Setitems sind.
  • Auf den Schwierigkeitsgrad Torment beschränkte Legendaries können nicht bei Kadala gegambelt werden.
  • Das Wechseln des Schwierigkeitsgrades (nach Torment 6) vor dem Auspacken der Horadrimbeutel produziert keine besseen Drops mehr. Dieser Bug ist bereits behoben worden.

Nachfolgend die originalen Blueposts:

Started up a new thread for what to do about duplicate plan drops:

Since it's been mentioned here already, I'd like to clarify – there is a bug with Legendary plans dropping too frequently. It will be addressed in the next patch in the Beta/PTR test. =) At this time I don't have a patch date to provide, but as we draw nearer, we will keep you informed!
Rift bags = yes very little to no drop rate but I have found new set items from them, so maybe if you get a drop from Rift bag in torment, I have a feeling it has a chance at being any Legendary item where as bty bags may be limited.

Currently, both types of Cache bags (from Bounties and Nephalem Rifts) should have a chance to produce most Legendaries. For those obtained by completing Bounties, this also includes Legendaries that only drop in particular Acts.

That said, we'll actually be removing the caches that are acquired from completing Nephalem Rifts in the next patch. However, don't fear! The loot from these caches is just being moved to the Rift Guardian, and you'll be instead enjoying the loot-splosion when the Rift Guardian is defeated.
Rift bags not dropping legendaries has been a known and discussed issue for weeks now.

As mentioned above, Legendaries should be dropping from both Bounty and Nephalem Rifts caches in the current beta build. We are making a lot of adjustments and tweaks in the next patch, but there's also some mitigating bugs that have been skewing loot acquisition in this particular portion of the Closed Beta. The Legendary plan bug above is part of it, but Legendaries (including Set items) are also supposed to have a small chance to drop when purchasing from Kadala, the Blood Shard vendor. This was always the intent, it just had yet to be implemented.
So this only leaves regular caches since there's no way to get Greater Caches unless you plan on bringing back Lorath Nahr's loot table.

Correct, and Lorath Nahr will no longer be a vendor.
What about the bug involved with opening caches in a higher difficulty?

This should have already been resolved. Changing difficulty should have no effect on the contents of a cache when it is opened. Contents are set when the Cache is acquired.
Also one last question, the Legendaries that can be acquired by gambling… are they restricted by difficulty? Or can gambling not even produce a torment level Legendary?

Okay, bit more info: Torment restricted Legendaries will not be able to be generated by the Blood Shard vendor. Difficulty setting will have no impact on the items generated from the vendor, which should help prevent situations where players start a new, higher difficulty game before spending their shards.

Thanks for the feedback and reports, everyone! This kind of stuff is incredibly useful, and if you continue to experience similar oddities (especially after the next Beta patch), please don't hesitate to let us know! I'll be here to listen and read it all. =)
Legendary plans aside, and this is all anecdotal evidence from my experience and that of the 5-6 people I regularly play with, we get on average about 1 legendary item from 10 bounty bags. We farm 10 bags on normal or hard and then open them on T6. In contrast, we have farmed many hundreds of rift bags between us and we've seen a grand total of 1 legendary item drop from them.

I actually quite enjoy anecdotal evidence, because these kinds of situations lead credence to player experience, especially if multiple players are reporting similar results.

If others have conducted similar experiments, I'd be very interested in hearing your results!

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