Diablo 3 RoS: Nephalem-Buff, Magiefund & Sammelradius Nerfs

von Norbert Raetz, Samstag, 16.11.2013, 18:15 Uhr

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls - Features Mit der kommenden Erweiterung Reaper of Souls wird Diablo 3 generalüberholt. Loot 2.0, Paragon 2.0, Nephalemportale und Abenteuermodus sowie weitere Features stellen das Spiel nach dem Wegfall des Auktionshauses auf ein komplett neues Fundament. "Endloser" Spielspass – entweder in der Gruppe oder solo – sowie das Selberfinden wertvoller, teils das Gameplay verändernder Beute sollen an erster Stelle stehen und den Handel mit Gegenständen auf ein Minimum beschränken.

Das ebenfalls neue Belohnungssystem (Erfahrung, Gold und/oder Gegenstände), das zusammen mit den neuen Spielsystemen Einzug hält, wird einige der alten Pre-Expansion Behelfslösungen wie beispielsweise das vorherige Sammeln von Mut der Nephalem Stacks für erhöhte Magiefund- & Goldfund-Boni überflüssig machen. Dazu zählen auch die exzessiven Magiefund- & Goldfund-Boni, die sich durch das stetige Steigern des Paragonlevels (Version 1.0) bei gleichzeitiger Erhöhung der Monsterstärke erzielen lassen, sowie der riesige Sammelradius, den man durch das gezielte Stacken von Items mit Sammelradius-Bonus erhalten kann.

Der derzeitige Plan sieht also vor, Mut der Nephalem mit RoS bzw. dem Pre-Expansion Patch komplett aus dem Spiel zu nehmen und die Magiefund- & Goldfund-Boni sowie den Sammelradius deutlich zu reduzieren. Freilich wird man dafür sorgen, dass Skills die auf den Sammelradius zurückgreifen (z.B. Hexendoktor), entsprechend angepasst werden. Auf der folgenden Seite lest ihr die Statements der Entwickler zu diesen Topics.

Travis Day zum Nerf der Magiefund- & Goldfund-Boni (BlizzCon 2013 Interview):

Okay, Magic Find and Gold Find via Paragon Points. One of the things you guys said when you were first adding in the Paragon Levels was that you didn’t want Magic Find to be an essential property on equipment, so you were going to give it via passive bonuses. That philosophy appears to be completely gone in the new Paragon system. You can add Magic Find, but it’s in the tab competing with what… Movement Speed, Pickup Radius, and Resource regen, I think? And most of my chars would like all three of those more than Magic Find. So is Magic Find going to become more important on gear? Are you switching how it works on gear?

Travis Day: Actually, we’ve made some changes to how Magic Find works in the game. One of the biggest things we did with that… for example if I have 100% Magic Find from my gear, the cap today is 400%. Or is it 300%?

It’s 300% from gear and you can add more from…

Travis: *laughing* A year and a half working on the expansion, and I don’t even remember….

So basically Magic Find will provide less and less of a return the higher the quality of the item is. [He means the item being dropped and affected by your character's Magic Find.]

So you actually only get 10% of your Magic Find applies to the legendary. So, since it isn’t that impactful a stat anymore, we didn’t feel like we needed all the restrictions we had on it. And we no longer needed to automatically just give it to everyone. Like we can’t have two people with like, five times different reward schedule, like on top of your character efficiency and the skills and how familiar you are with the game… we wanted to really diminish that gap. [The gap between the haves with amazing equipment, and the have-nots.]

As a result we’ve made some changes to Magic Find, and we took it out of Paragon since it’s no longer as mandatory as it used to be.

Quelle: Diii.net

Wyatt Cheng über die Reduzierung des Sammelradius und die Entfernung von Mut der Nephalem (Reddit):

Pickup radius was reduced because we've ultimately decided that the current values do more harm than good.

With the incoming changes coming to combat pacing, health globes are more valuable than in the current live environment. You don't just want them to proc passives, hopefully you'll actually want them to (gasp) heal!

After many (many) hours of playtesting we concluded that large health globe pickup causes you to heal without even realizing why. One word we use a lot about on the team is INTENTIONALITY. We want to bring back some of the intentionality of picking up a health globe.

Remember back in Nightmare difficulty when you'd save a health globe and come back to pick it up later? Or maybe you saw a health globe drop and you'd brave your way past some baddies to pick it up because you wanted the heal? We love that dramatic moment, and we want it to happen more often. Considering it barely happens at all in the live game, even happening once in a blue moon would be great for the dramatic moment it creates.

All that said, this change is still being evaluated. So far results seem good. Of course, we wouldn't want to inadvertantly nerf some other builds such as Witch Doctor passives that look at your pickup radius. If we like the change overall we'll adjust the passive to make sure it doesn't become useless.

Quelle: Reddit

Hi! Thanks for the shout-out. I must emphasize Diablo III is a team effort. It's a great privilege to be able to talk about the game but there is an incredible team working hard and passionately on RoS. I answered a question at Blizzcon about Nephalem Valor being removed, but that was a group decision. In fact, I was against it :) There are strong arguments on both sides but ultimately we removed NV with me kicking and screaming :). Fortunately for us we're in development mode right now so we can do iteration on game systems like this. The team is hard at work figuring out how to improve this game we all love. […]

Hrm, without going into too many details:
  • 1.) I don't like the idea that swapping skills mid-fight could become a thing. Right now we disallow skill swapping in combat, we'll have to see how this plays out.
  • 2.) I remember early DIII days when repeatedly farming a chest, treasure goblin, vase, predictable elite spawn etc. by constantly creating games was very efficient. I think it's bad for both the game experience and our server engineers if this style becomes more profitable than Bounties, Rifts, etc. This is hopefully addressed by making the reward of these other systems higher. On the flip side if you over-reward you start to bump against a different problem that the game feels more "grindy" when I'm more focused on objective-completion rewards rather than the chance of getting a sweet drop just around the corner.

Quelle: Reddit

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