Diablo 3: Weitere datamined Item-Effekte aus RoS & Loot 2.0

von Norbert Raetz, Montag, 07.10.2013, 17:10 Uhr

Die Kollegen unserer Schwesterseite Diii.net waren wieder fleissig und konnten aus dem jüngst "geleakten" Alpha Client der kommenden Diablo 3 Erweiterung Reaper of Souls weitere spannende Item-Effekte extrahieren, die wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten wollen.

Diablo 3: Weitere datamined Item-Effekte aus RoS & Loot 2.0

Wie sich die kommenden Effekt-Knaller wohl erst in der Party auswirken werden?

Auf der folgenden Seite findet ihr alle bisher bekannt gewordenen Effekte, die derzeit für RoS bzw. "Loot 2.0" Items getestet werden. Diese einzigartigen Eigenschaften befinden sich für unkompliziertes Testen alle noch auf legendären Ringen. Das wird sich später ändern, wenn die Effekte auf andere Teile wie Rüstungen, Waffen oder auch Setboni umgelegt werden.

Aus Gründen der Übersichtlichkeit haben wir die Fülle an Infos mal ein bisschen in Form gebracht und sämtliche Links mit den deutschen Skill-Tooltipps versehen, damit ihr euch schneller zurecht findet und besser vergleichen könnt. Viel Spass beim Schmökern – wegen der Spoiler wie immer auf eigene Gefahr! 😉

Legendary Potions

There are several legendary potions listed in the strings. Only one has a function listed, so far:

  • HealthPotionLegendary_02 – Bottomless Potion of the Diamond
  • HealthPotionLegendary_05 – Bottomless Potion of Mutilation
  • HealthPotionLegendary_06 – Bottomless Potion of Kulle-Aid
    • X1_Legendary_Potion_06 – Drinking Kulle-Aid allows you to burst through walls summoned by Waller elites for 5 seconds.

Miscellaneous Ring Bonuses

Legendary ring bonus properties that appear to be applicable to all classes. Some may be specific to a class or classes, but that's not evident in the tooltips.

  • Shrine effects last for one hour (instead of until death). ("Shrine effects last until death" was a bonus we saw in the previous batch.)
  • Your melee attacks hit enemies up to 40 yards in front of you for 100% weapon damage (range increased from 20 yards).
  • While below 30% Life, all attacks are guaranteed Critical Hits.
  • Increase the Knockback distance of your skills that cause Knockback by 100% and increase their damage by 50%.
  • Summons shadow clones to your aid when you are hit by a crowd control effect.
  • Every time you destroy a wreckable object, you gain a short burst of speed.
  • You take 25% less damage for each enemy that is stunned within 25 yards of you.
  • Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius.
  • Healing wells replenish all resources.
  • After earning a survival bonus, quickly heal to full Life.
  • After earning a massacre bonus, gold rains from sky.
  • While casting Town Portal you gain an immunity bubble. (So would this basically grant immortality to Hardcore characters?)
  • Periodically gain a shield that absorbs and reflects projectiles.
  • Heal to full Life and resources when you fall below 20% Life.
  • Potions affect all allies.
  • Blocking an attack Freezes the attacker.
  • While moving your resource generation and damage is increased by 25%. While stationary your resource regeneration and damage is reduced by 25%. (Dream item for Tempest Rush Monk, Strafe Demon Hunter, WW Barb, and Archon Wizard. WD needs a moving/killing skill too, now?)
  • Health globes restore 20% of your primary resource.
  • The world map is always revealed.
  • Shrines will spawn an enemy champion. (Reminds of the great D2 Evil Urns.)
  • Completing an event grants a special reward.
  • Chance on being hit to summon a protective pylon.
  • Blocks have a chance of summoning a hell hound.
  • Increase chance to find Health Globes by 100%. (This would be very impactful for builds with skills that proc on health globes. Not to mention infinite life and only a chance to die from bosses.)
  • Gain a death aura that deals 1000% of your Life per Second to enemies within 20 yards but your Life per Second no longer heals you. (Stack several items to get up to 1000 Life per Second and deal 10,000 damage per second… Still not a big enough bonus to matter on Inferno?)
  • Blocked attacks heal you and your allies for the amount blocked.

  • Click through for dozens more new ring passives, sorted by the character class the apply to…

    Barbarian Ring Bonuses

  • Threatening Shout has a chance to Charm enemies and cause them to join your side.
  • Ancient Spear pulls you to your enemy.
  • Leap gains up to 3 charges.
  • Warcry increases your and your allies' run speed by 40% for 10 seconds.

  • Here are the Barbarian legendary ring passive bonuses we posted previously, for easier reference:

  • Call of the Ancients last until they die.
  • Reduce the cooldown of Earthquake every time it kills an enemy.
  • When you melee attack, you also Cleave enemies up to 20 yards in front of you for 100% weapon damage.
  • Reduce the cost of Seismic Slam to 15 Fury.
  • Cause an Earthquake when you land after using Leap.
  • Increase the duration of Ignore Pain to 60 seconds.

  • Demon Hunter Ring Bonuses

  • Automatically cast Smoke Screen when you fall below 25% Life. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds (decreased from 30% Life).
  • 5% chance on hit to create a Spike Trap, Caltrops or Sentry at the enemy's location.
  • Bolas now explode instantly.
  • Fan of Knives knocks targets back.
  • Hungering Arrow has 20% additional chance to pierce.
  • You may have 2 additional Sentries.
  • [{VALUE1} * 100]% chance to explode in a fan of knives for 200% weapon damage when hit.
  • Your Spike Traps lure enemies to them.
  • Vault knocks enemies back.

  • Here are the Demon Hunter legendary ring passive bonuses we posted previously, for easier reference:

  • Leave a clone of yourself behind after using Vault.
  • Elemental Arrow now generates 3 Hatred.
  • Vault now costs 8 Hatred instead of Discipline.
  • Enemies you hit become Marked for Death.
  • Companion – Wolf Companion now summons 3 wolves.
  • Automatically cast Smoke Screen when you fall below 30% Life. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.
  • Automatically drop Caltrops when you are hit. This effect may only occur once every 6 seconds.
  • Strafe no longer costs Hatred.

  • Monk Ring Bonuses

  • Reduce the cooldown of Breath of Heaven by 50% and increase its radius to 50 yards (added cooldown reduction).
  • Wave of Light will refund its Spirit cost if it kills 4 or more enemies.
  • Wave of Light is now cast at your enemy.
  • Gain 10 Spirit per second while standing in Inner Sanctuary.

  • The Monk ring bonuses from last time:

  • Lashing Tail Kick releases a Fireball for 300% weapon damage as Fire.
  • Double the range of Deadly Reach.
  • Blinding Flash now generates 50 Spirit.
  • Tempest Rush no longer costs Spirit to channel.
  • Increase the radius of Breath of Heaven to 50 yards.
  • Gain the base effect of all four Mantras at all times.
  • When Dashing Strike hits an enemy more than 25 yards away, its Spirit cost is refunded.
  • Increase Exploding Palm's on-death explosion damage to 100% of the enemy's maximum Life.
  • Spirit Generators generate 50% additional Spirit.
  • Mystic Ally mirrors your attacks.
  • Chance on hit to gain an effect that removes the Spirit cost of your abilities for 3 sec.

  • Witch Doctor Ring Bonuses

  • Horrify causes you to Fear and Root enemies around you for 8 seconds.
  • Your Fetish Army lasts until they die.
  • Insect Swarm (new RoS Witch Doctor skill) and Haunt now deal their damage in half of the normal duration.
  • Zombie Dogs instead summons a single Gargantuan Dog with the power of all other dogs combined.
  • Grasp of the Dead no longer has a cooldown.
  • Plague of Toads now seek out enemies and can explode twice.
  • Doubles the duration of Locust Swarm.

  • The Witch Doctor ring bonuses from last time:

  • Enhances your Poison Darts.
  • Corpse Spiders release a web on impact that Slows enemies by 50% for 3 seconds.
  • Zombie Dogs stuns enemies around them for 1 second when summoned.
  • Zombie Dogs take 10% of any damage dealt to you.
  • Spirit Walk lasts until you attack or until an enemy is within 30 yards of you.
  • Summon a Fetish Army after you kill 20 Elites.
  • Reduce the cooldown of Fetish Army and Big Bad Voodoo by 1 second each time your fetishes deal damage.
  • Chance on kill to siphon the spirit out of the slain enemy. When the spirit is pulled to you, it heals you for 10% of your maximum Life and Mana.

  • Wizard Ring Bonuses

  • Electrocute can chain to enemies that have already been hit.
  • Your Mirror Images have a chance to multiply when killed by enemies.
  • Frost Hydra now periodically casts Frost Nova.
  • Arcane Torrent instantly lays mines on the ground.
  • Automatically cast Diamond Skin when you fall below 25% Life. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.
  • Explosive Blast no longer has a cooldown.
  • Reduce the resource cost of Fire skills by 30%.
  • Meteor now homes in on enemies.
  • Energy Twister now travels in a straight path.
  • Frost Nova is now cast at your enemy.
  • Lightning skills have a chance to turn the enemy into a Lightning Rod, pulsing Lightning damage to nearby enemies.
  • Black Ice (new RoS Wizard skill) Slows targets by 50% after it ends.

  • The Wizard ring bonuses from last time:

  • Teleport gains the effect of the Wormhole rune.
  • Magic Missile fires 2 extra missiles.
  • Double the number of enemies your Electrocute jumps to.
  • You may have one extra Hydra active at a time.
  • Emit Lightning Nova around you for 150% weapon damage every second while your Arcane Power is less than 20% of maximum.

  • Quelle: Diii.net

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