Diablo 3 PTR 1.0.7: Schadensreduzierung für PvP geplant

von Norbert Raetz, Sonntag, 27.01.2013, 16:08 Uhr

Basierend auf dem Spieler-Feedback wollen die Entwickler im kommenden Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7 eine Schadensreduzierung für das PvP/Duelle einführen. Weitere Details sind allerdings noch nicht bekannt:

This is very true, farming builds are not the most efficient for dueling and thus it is a very good idea to look into different more defensive builds.

That being said, we are considering some sort of damage reduction and we are looking into some possibilities on how we can do this without compromising the PvE gameplay. Dueling is not intended to be a core gameplay experience though, so we don't want to create all kinds of extended systems or complex restrictions just to regulate and/or balance dueling. So if there is a chance that a potential change or adjustment will negatively impact PvE gameplay, then we will not implement it, so it is possible that only minor adjustments will be made in the end without big changes to the system. — Quelle

Highlights auf diablo3.gamona.de:



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