Diablo 3: Top Patch 1.0.5 Blueposts vom 21.11.2012

von Norbert Raetz, Mittwoch, 21.11.2012, 18:21 Uhr

Blizzards Blaumänner und -frauen haben zum Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5 wieder einige interessante Fragen beantwortet, die wir wie immer nachfolgend stichwortartig für euch zusammengefasst haben.

  • Banns von Cheatern werden auf wöchentlicher, manchmal täglicher Basis vorgenommen. Ständig grosse Ankündigungen dazu zu machen, wäre ermüdend. Wenn es eine grössere Welle Banns gegeben hat oder man der Meinung ist, dass es mal wieder an der Zeit sei, den mahnenden Zeigefinger zu erheben, dann gibt es auch eine offizielle Meldung.
  • Der in den aktuellen Spielerskillungen unterrepräsentierte Dornen-Affix soll langfristig verbessert werden, um ihn attraktiver zu machen. Diskutiert werden derzeit mehrere Optionen sowie die Ausweitung der Wirkung von Dornen auf Fernkampf-Klassen. Denkbar wären beispielsweise weiterer Support durch passive Skills, die Erweiterung der Boni eines Edelsteins um Dornen oder die Verbindung von Dornen mit einem Hauptattribut (Anm. wie etwa Verteidigung/Rüstung).

  • In der Debatte um eine alternative Wiederverwertung des Höllenfeuerrings ist man noch zu keinem Ergebnis gekommen. Die Zerlegung nicht benötigter Ringe in Ausgangsmaterialen (Organe) hält man nicht für optimal, weil die Spieler dadurch komplette Encounter auslassen können. Man wird später noch einmal darauf zurückkommen, wenn das Event längere Zeit gelaufen ist. Im gleichen Atemzug überlegt man, ob man den Wert von Feurigem Schwefel, in den vom Schmied zerlegte Ringe zerfallen, sowie Handwerk im Allgemeinen nicht verbessern kann. Denkbar wären künftig neue Rezepte oder andere Wege der Verwendung von (wertvollen) Handwerksmaterialen.
  • Aktuell gibt es einen Monster-Lebenspunkte Bug, der hauptsächlich im Zusammenhang mit Monsterstärke auftritt. Ab und zu skalieren die Lebenspunkte der Monster nicht richtig, d.h. sie laufen dann bereits (kräftig) angeschlagen herum, bevor man sie überhaupt angegriffen hat. Der Fehler wird in einem künftigen Patch behoben, hat aber keine hohe Priorität.
  • Der Leben pro getötetem Gegner-Affix soll gruppenfreundlicher werden, denn derzeit bekommen eure Mitspieler kein zusätzliches Leben, wenn ihr Ausrüstung mit diesem Affix tragt und einen Gegner tötet. Bei dieser Gelegenheit will man auch darüber nachdenken, wie man Fertigkeiten wie Archon diesbezüglich optimieren kann. Eine endgültige Lösung hat man aber derzeit noch nicht gefunden.

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Nachfolgend findet ihr die originalen Blueposts zu den angesprochenen Punkten:

An important thing to keep in mind is that we don't make public announcements every time we action players for cheating, and the reason for this is that we are constantly removing this kind of exploitative behavior from the game — on a weekly basis, sometimes even on daily basis. Public announcements would become tedious if we decided to make one every single time we banned someone for using a bot, a hack, or some other kind of cheat. Instead, we usually will post something whenever we issue a big wave, or whenever we feel like we need to remind players that exploitative behavior is not okay and can lead to a permanent ban from Diablo III.

It's something we take very seriously, though. Our developers, support staff, and anti-hack teams are all busting their butts to ensure that your online experience is as free of cheats, hacks, and bots as possible. From the development side, we look at ways to reduce the effects of exploitative behavior on the community and/or prevent certain programs from working outright. This trick here is to make sure that whatever we do doesn't negatively impact legitimate players, which is actually a very fine tightrope to walk (you saw the complications of that whenever we introduced game limiting). From the support side, we make sure that your in-game reports reach our anti-hacks teams. And from the anti-hack side, we take action on players that we are able to confirm to be maliciously exploiting the game, be it through botting or other forms of cheating.

The reality to all of this, though, is that even though we devote considerable time, effort, and heart to removing bad behavior from the game, there will always be individuals who excel at coming up with new ways of getting around the roadblocks we put up. So, it's a constant battle, but one that we're willing to fight. If you want to pitch in, you can; the easiest way to do so is by emailing hacks@blizzard.com or submitting a report through our webform.

And, just for clarity, let me repeat:

– Exploitative behavior is not okay (this includes botting).
– If you are found to be exploiting the game, you can be permanently banned.
– Source: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-exploitation-policy


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Thorns is another affix we feel leaves a lot to be desired — not just in co-op games, but in solo games too. It's not a bad stat, per se, and there are many builds that can benefit from it, but it definitely needs some tuning before it can really be considered competitive. We don't have anything planned for the short term, but for the long term we've considered various improvements and tweaks like allowing thorns to benefit from primary stats, building in additional passive support, as well as having one of the gem bonuses give a boost to that style of damage. (We've also tossed around the idea of adding another affix that's very similar to thorns, but has a much more universal function and would be able to benefit all classes [i.e. ranged + melee damage] without the need for passive skill support.) — Quelle

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We've definitely discussed the possibility of allowing Hellfire Rings to salvage into component pieces, and have debated your feedback quite heavily as a part of that process. While we understand why players would like Hellfire Rings to salvage into demonic organs (or even Keywarden keys), we don't think that's the right way to go right now since it would essentially let you skip some encounters completely. It's something we may revisit in the future, though, once the event has been around for a longer period of time.

We do agree with you, however, that the rings should be able to salvage into Brimstones, in addition to Magic and Rare crafting materials. The reason we didn't go with Brimstones originally was that we wanted to avoid the situation where you could always get that particular mat from a single item, over and over. The idea doesn't really sync up with our design philosophy, and the market is pretty saturated with Brimstones as-is. Even so, we know that it can feel cheap to not have a chance to get a Legendary material from a Legendary item, and we don't feel like our original reasons continue to hold up in light of the feedback you've provided us.

Since I know this will get brought up: We're also exploring ways to improve the worth of Brimstones, as well as crafting in general. We feel like the system itself could use some revamping, but we're not yet at a point where we can discuss what kind of changes we're considering. We haven't ruled out the possibility of introducing new recipes at some point in the future, though, or introducing other ways for players to put their crafting materials to good use. — Quelle

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Thank you for posting about this! We’ve also noticed this issue while we were playing and looked into it. We found there was a bug (mostly with Monster Power) where monster hit points were not always scaling correctly when they spawned and resulted in creatures running around with less than maximum health without anyone or anything having damaged them. We plan to fix this issue in a future patch, but since it’s not a critical bug we don’t have an ETA to share just yet. — Quelle

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No, you don't receive a return in HP.

On a larger scale, this is something we've been talking about how to improve. We definitely realize the way Life on Kill works right now isn't very co-op friendly. When you're playing with a group of people and sharing your killing blows, the affix just doesn't have as much value as it does in solo games, and that can be a really poor user experience. We also recognize the same applies to various skills, such as the wizard's Archon ability.

We still want players to feel like they can gear/build their characters differently for solo vs. co-op, and we think there will always be some affixes and skills that are better in one mode or the other. That's not going to change. But, at the moment, the degree of advantage seems like too much of a swing (I imagine a lot of players would agree).

We've been discussing possible solutions for how we can bring LoK/Archon/etc into better balance between the two game types — without just outright homogenizing everything — but haven't settled on the best course of action just yet. This issue is absolutely on our radar, though, and we're certainly open to your feedback in the meantime. — Quelle

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