Diablo 3 Beta: Stresstest mit 100.000 Einladungen gestartet!

von Norbert Raetz, Donnerstag, 02.02.2012, 19:10 Uhr

Wie Blizzard heute meldete, ist der Stresstest für die Diablo WikiDiablo 3 Beta mit 100.000 Einladungen an nordamerikanische Spieler bereits gestartet (siehe auch unsere News vom heutigen Nachmittag).

Der Schicksalsbote

Sign of Release Date! :)

We recently invited 100,000 more North American players to the Diablo III beta, so we recommend that those who have opted-in check their Battle.net accounts to see if they were chosen.

Please be aware that with this large wave of invites we expect there could be an increase in the number of phishing attempts. Some unscrupulous individuals send out falsified emails purporting to be from Blizzard, but are in fact meant to steal your login credentials. For more information on how to identify these emails please refer to our Battle.net Security site. One easy way to ensure your invite is legit is to avoid clicking on links in any invite emails you receive, and instead log in to your Battle.net account and see if you have a Diablo III beta license attached. If there’s no license you can be sure the email you received was not from Blizzard.

If you didn’t receive an invite, never fear! We’re going to continue to give away beta invites, so be on the lookout for promotions, contests, and giveaways on our properties as well as at your favorite fansites. We’ll have more information about these global giveaways as well as regional betas in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to those of you who recently got into the beta! Please don’t forget to use the Beta Feedback and Beta Bug Report forums (and the Technical Support forum if you run into trouble running the game), and for those who haven’t gotten in yet, we wish you the best of luck! — Quelle

Ob und wann es eine ähnlich hohe Anzahl Beta-Einladungen für Europa gibt, ist derzeit nicht bekannt. Wir halten auch aber auf dem Laufenden!

Danke für den Hinweis an unseren Leser Adam.


Infos für die regionalen Stresstests (z.B. EU) folgen laut CM Bashiok in Kürze. Stay tuned! — Quelle

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