Patch 1.13D veröffentlicht

von Norbert Raetz, Donnerstag, 27.10.2011, 21:33 Uhr

Völlig überraschend hat Blizzard heute den Patch 1.13D für Diablo 2 veröffentlicht, der einige neue Features hinzufügt sowie Bugs & Duping-Möglichkeiten fixt.

d3 patch 113d download Patch 1.13D veröffentlicht

Den aktuellen Patch könnt ihr euch wie gewohnt durch Einloggen ins herunterladen. Die (englischen) Patchnotes lest ihr auf der folgenden Seite.

Diablo II Version History

– Patch 1.13d

New Features

– Ignoring players is now saved between sessions of the game. All ignores are now
written out to disk (file: 'ignorelist'). This feature can be toggled by issuing
the command '/ignorepersist'.
– Users can now filter messages based on content by issuing the command
'/filtermsg <content>'. To unfilter content issue the command
'/unfiltermsg <content>'. (The maximum length of a filter pattern is 128
– Users can now set their home channel by issuing a new chat command
'/home <channel name>' while in the chat interface.
– Users can return to their home channel at any time by issuing the command '/home'
while in the chat interface.

Major Bugs

– Fixed a known dupe method.
– Fixed another issue where players were able to stack auras in an unintended way.

Minor Bugs

– Fixed a bug where Mercenaries wouldn't have multiple auras active when they
should have.
– Fixed an issue where players could create games prefixed with color codes.
– Potentially fixed an issue where players would be disconnected when watching the
cinematics when in a game.
– Fixed an issue where the game would crash when running in windowed mode with
sound disabled and the game tried to play a cinematic. Chat Reminder provides a number of ways to manage in-game spam and communication from
other players. Some of these commands are:

/options ignorepublic (/o igpub)
– Ignores messages in public chat channels from anyone who isn't on your
friends list.

/options unignorepublic (/o uigpub)
– Reallows messages in public chat channels from anyone who isn't in your
friends list.

/options ignoreprivate (/o igpriv)
– While in private chat channels you will not receive messages from anyone who
isn't in your friends list.

/options unignoreprivate (/o uigpriv)
– Re-allows messages in private chat channels from anyone who isn't in your
friends list.

/options ignorewhispers (/o igw)
– Ignore whispers from anyone who isn't in your friends list.

/options unignorewhispers (/o unigw)
– Reallows whispers from all users.



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