Interview mit dem Autor Richard Knaak

von Whooper, Samstag, 09.05.2009, 17:03 Uhr

Wer schon einmal einen der Diablo Romane in den Händen gehalten hat, der dürfte mit dem Namen Richard Knaak vertraut sein, zeichnet er sich doch für viele Begleitbücher zu allen Blizzard Universen verantwortlich.

Unsere Kollegen von konnten sich den beliebten Autor nun für ein kurzes Interview schnappen und mit ihm über die Diablo Lore und auch über seine kommenden Projekte plaudern. Nachfolgend ein kurzer Ausschnitt:

Q: What were your inspirations for writing the Diablo novels? For example, the character of Uldyssian seems to be inspired by Odysseus (also known as Ulysses), who similarly went on a long journey and is said to be full of wrath.
A: Blizzard laid out a very fascinating and complex struggle between darkness and light and introduced some classes that blended well with the setup of the world. I chose to build stories around particular elements, which Blizzard very much liked. For Legacy of Blood, I liked the idea of enchanted armor that wasn't beneficial to the wearer and had a history of terror attached to it. For Kingdom of Shadow, Ureh's mysterious past enabled me to create something of an 'anti-Brigadoon', which worked to good effect. Moon of the Spider was a terrific chance to bring back Zayl and delve into the necromancers more, something Blizzard was very much interested in.
As for the Sin War, Blizzard needed that history adjusted to fit their notions of what D3 would be and between the company and myself, we worked out this one man's odyssey from human to what humanity has the potential to be. Homer's The Odyssey definitely inspired us and we're happy with the results.

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