Großes Brainstorming zum Thema "Item Affixes"

von Whooper, Dienstag, 09.12.2008, 11:33 Uhr

Erst gestern Abend hatten wir über die Individualisierung von Charakteren in Diablo 3 berichtet und dabei unter anderem auch die Affixe bei Gegenständen angesprochen, wodurch sich bestimmte Eigenschaften, beispielsweise Attribute, verbessern lassen.

In den Foren hat Community Manager Bashiok nun einen Brainstorming-Thread eröffnet, in dem er euch dazu aufruft, mögliche Affixe für Items zu posten. Also, lasst eurer Kreativität einfach freien Lauf und beteiligt euch am munteren Vorschlagen. Wir sind gespannt, welche Ideen es dann später einmal ins fertige Spiel schaffen. :mrgreen:

In a recent thread I gave some information on our customization options in Diablo III. In that thread I also let everyone know that we’re adding a ton of new item affixes. We’re looking to have a lot of interesting stats and to really kick down the gates and see how many different modifications we can throw out there. To help us with that we’d like you to throw out some of your own ideas.
An affix is essentially is just a stat or modifying statement on an item. It may increase a basic stat like Strength, or it may do something a bit more interesting like cause an enemy to take nature damage over time. An example of the kind of post we’re looking for (these aren’t final):
Increased chance to find gold
Additional XP gained from killing monsters
Restores life for each successful hit
It’s not necessary to worry about how balanced it may or may not be, if it scales or is a fixed amount, or any in-depth details on how it will play out. This is essentially a brainstorm. Throw out your ideas however crazy they may sound and let us worry about seeing if it’ll work or not, and how. A list just like the one I gave works perfectly well for us. If you want to also throw on an affix name feel free but it isn’t necessary.
Let's keep any discussion to a minimum too please. It's a brainstorm, this isn't a place to critique off the wall ideas.

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